CBC 2012
9–11 May 2012
Lyngby, Denmark
Code-based Cryptography Workshop
Code-based Cryptography Workshop 2012

Research retreat

Wednesday and Thursday afternoon are reserved for the research retreat. The results of the working groups will be wrapped up on Friday morning.

The aim of this workshop is to move forward in code-based cryptography. Therefore it is essential that the participants are willing to discuss new ideas, brainstorm together and collaborate.


On Wednesday afternoon we will set up the working groups. The idea is that the participants split into smaller groups which will gather in various rooms in Building 303B to discuss and work on problems.

The ultimate goal is that the groups start collaborations beyond the workshop, hopefully resulting in interesting publications.

Topics so far suggested by participants:

  • Hard- and software implementations of attacks as well as cryptosystems
  • Key security (distinguishers)
  • Signatures
  • Information-set decoding
  • Structural attacks
  • Decoding algorithms
  • Constant-weight encoding
  • Root searching
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • (list incomplete)

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